Promotional Opportunities

Indie Bookfest 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

Indie BookFest is not a for-profit venture, and the event requires sponsorships in order for it to exist. Please consider choosing one of the awesome opportunites below to both support IBF18 and to get your name out there!


Postcard Ad in Author Welcome Packet and Industry Day Packet – Advertise your book business to our Indie Bookfest Featured Authors as well as to the authors participating in Industry Day. You give us either a completed design featuring your service or offer, or give us the details and we’ll design it. Each offer/ad will be printed on an individual postcard for the authors’ convenience.


  • $100 if you provide the design
  • $110 if we design it


Large Hanging Showcase Banners – Have your book info front and center during the entire event with a large banner that hangs on the wall outside the signing and panel rooms. You provide graphics, and we have the banner made (you’ll be able to take the banner with you after the event).


  • $500
  • Only 3 spots available


Free Standing Hall Banner – You provide the banner and stand and you deliver BANNER & STAND to the registration area upon your arrival to the hotel. We will display the banner outside of the meeting rooms and/or events with the stand you have provided.


  • $100
  • Only 10 spots available


Pre-paid Drink Tickets – Your book, logo, etc on the ticket. To be used a cash bars. $8 each 300 total (Sold in increments of 50)

Vendor Tables – Do you have a book-related product or service to sell? Set up Thursday night, Friday and Saturday. Tables will be in a high-traffic area between panel rooms and signing room.


  • $200 per table for the entire weekend


Name Tags – All featured authors, readers, and Industry Day participants will receive a name tag. Add your logo, website and name as a sponsor of the tags.


  • $400


Thursday Night Author and Reader Dinner – Perfect for companies wanting to reach both authors and readers, this sponsorship pays for the meal. It includes promotional consideration in the reader and author packets and a hanging banner.


  • $3500


Friday Night FanFare Sponsorship – This is a sponsorship opportunity for authors or companies. FanFare is a night where fans come and mingle with authors, getting to know them before the signing on Saturday. This sponsorship pays for hors d’oeuvres and includes promotional consideration in the reader and author packets, on the decorations and on a hanging banner.


  • $3500


Saturday Night Party – Sponsor our end-of-the event reader party. This sponsorship will cover the food, beverages and audio/visual needs and includes promotional consideration in the reader and author packets, on the decorations and on a hanging banner. The sponsorship can be broken up between several interested parties.


  • $3500


Sponsored Room – This sponsorship opportunity is open to authors, publishers or other industry reps. The room is yours to do with as you wish during the day/days you reserve. Want to host crafts, sell books or hold your own workshop? The room is available Friday and Saturday.


  • One day $1500
  • Two days $2500


Industry Rep Meet and Greets – Publishers, industry reps, and other book businesses, would you like a captive audience of authors? We will be holding one-hour meet and greets. Spots are limited.


  • $500