Featured Industry Guests

Will Dages
Will is Head of Product for Findaway Voices and an avid audiobook listener. He’s been immersed in the audiobook industry for more than 6 years, working on everything from technology to marketing to product development. Last year, he helped launch Duobook, an experimental platform that let you switch between reading an eBook and listening to an audiobook seamlessly, without losing your place in the story. Now he’s guiding the product features and experience for Findaway Voices, a platform that helps authors create and distribute audiobooks with more freedom and control than ever before.



Kelly Lytle
Kelly leads audio creation for Findaway Voices. He works closely with independent authors and small to mid-sized publishers to connect them with a community of world-class narrators, create audiobooks, and market and sell those audiobooks everywhere in the world. At Findaway, Kelly also played a key role in launching the Navy eReader Device (or NeRD) and growing AudioEngine into the world’s largest business-to-business audiobook platform.

Kelly published and narrated his memoir, To Dad, From Kelly, about his relationship with his late father, college football Hall of Fame running back Rob Lytle, in 2014. Kelly speaks often on the concussion crisis in professional sports and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, The Denver Post, and The Detroit Free Press.