Five for Friday Author Kathleen Lopez

  • What was the hardest book for you to write?

The current book I am writing seems to be the hardest one to write.  I am tackling my first serial killer story as opposed to the single murder stories of my first three books.  Trying to come up with multiple murders, in a fictional setting mind you, is challenging.  And of course, my killer wants to be creative so there’s that aspect too.  This next book has certainly been harder to write than the others, but it is slowly getting there.

  • Mountains or ocean?

I much prefer the ocean to the mountains.  The mountains are nice but relaxing out on a lounge chair on the sand with a nice sea breeze and an even nicer cocktail is just divine.

  • I’ll be there for you! Which character from the TV show FRIENDS do you most identify with?

I always seem to identify with Chandler of the group.  It’s the similar type of humor really.

  • Favorite scary movie of all time?

The movie that gets me is the original Halloween.  However, it is only one scene that creeps me out the most, and it’s at the end of the movie.  The scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is sitting in the hallway and you see Michael Myers rise behind her just freaks me out for some reason.  I think the fact that Michael Myers gets to me is that the character was just born evil; there is no other reason why he does what he does other than he’s just wired that way.

  • What book changed your life?

It may be a bit cliché, but the book that had affected me most was Stephen King’s IT.  While it helped enforce my lifelong fear of clowns, it showed me how a book can affect someone.  I fell in love with the idea of being able to write something that would affect others.  It is really a fantastic thing that a writer can do with imagination and a laptop.

Journalism became a passion at age 14. It turned into a career spanning over the next
10 years, writing throughout school and freelancing once graduating college. Several poems
were published during college career at Florida State University where pursuing a creative
writing degree.
I always had a notepad and scrap papers of story ideas and themes to write about one
day. My first book publication, Between the Shades of Light and Dark, was actually a short story
that started in a freshman English class at FSU. The story became the premise of future college
assignments and was work-shopped through several classes. The story became a side project
to work on in my free time, which between kids, schooling, and life in general getting in the
way, free time became less and less. Upon completing my Ph.D. in Project Management, i
returned to writing again and completed the story.
My intention was to have a murder mystery as my first published work. The intrigue of
the genre had always piqued my interest. It became a goal for me to publish a murder mystery
to add my list of writing achievements. I felt this story had been residing on a computer for too
long and needed to leave the nest. With this goal accomplished, I planned more of my stories
that were sitting in storage would soon follow suit. The characters in my stories are not based
on anyone but have acquired some personality quirks from people I have known. The settings
are amalgamations of places I had dreamt up with a hint of places I remember from my past. I
feel that characters need to be real enough for the reader to care; they need to make the
reader to want to read about them. Each story should be a journey.