Five for Friday Author Julie Morgan

You’re heading for an exotic island vacation . . . which of your characters would you choose to come to life and go with you? Why?

Brody, from Sniper (Special Ops series). He’s brave, but a pussycat. He longs to please, but will take what is his. He would protect by laying down his life.

A wealthy benefactor offers to take you to dinner anywhere in the world you choose. Where would you go and what would you order?
Venice. When I was there before the food was exotic and amazing! I’m not a pasta fan, but while in Italy, it was the most amazing food I had ever experienced. So definitely pasta and tiramisu! The tiramisu in Venice was like no other!
The man or woman of your dreams invites you to design your dream date with her/him. Is it a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant or a down-home meal around a campfire under the stars?
Definitely down-home meal around a campfire under the stars.
What book changed your life?
The Shack. I was having a difficult time with life from tragic events. While shopping at a bookstore, this book stood out to me. I read it in one sitting. It changed me in many ways.
What vegetable can you absolutely NEVER eat?
Canned spinach! I love leafy spinach but not the canned stuff.
Hailing from Burleson, Texas, Julie grew up in the country with big tractors and bonfire parties. She would daydream about far-off lands, hoping to get inside their worlds one day.
She’s always had a love of books in the contemporary and paranormal genres. After encouragement from her family, she finally made the leap from writing in a spiral notebook to publishing stories.
Now residing in sunny Florida, she spends her free time with her daughter, plotting another novel, or reading.
paranormal, contemporary romance, fantasy, gothic/steampunk, historical paranormal