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Attending authors

Book Signing
Kelly Abell Amy Gregory Laura Luzmila Elisabeth Staab
A.L. Awtrey Olivia Hardin D.L. McCleary Laura Stapleton
C.J. Baty Miranda Hardy Elise Marion Reese Stephens
Ava Branson Lynda Haviland Charlene M. Martin Mandie Stevens
Amy Briggs Heather Hildenbrand Don Massenzio Milly Taiden
Diane Capri Traci Hohenstein Scott Meehan Chris Coad Taylor
Kristina Circelli Karen Amanda Hooper Julie Morgan Mary Ting
MD Cooper Violet Howe Bridgette O'Hare Susan Thatcher
Robbie Cox Lisa Hughey J. Nichole Parkins K.S. Thomas
Barbara Cutrera Elycia Hyder C. Patt Juli Valenti
Lia Davis L. Marshall James Bonnie R. Paulson Hope Welsh
M.C.V. Egan Maryann Jordan L.E. Perez Clarena Wise
Wynter Daniels Abigail Lee Justice CG Powell TM Witko
Gray Dixon Tawdra Kandle Valerie Puri P.C. Zick
Carly Fall Catherine Kean Tracie Roberts  
Rene Folsom Candace Knoebel C.L. Roman  
Graylin Fox Kathleen Lopez David S. Scott  
Jessie G. Marie Long Ainsley Shay  
S.R. Gibbs Sonya Loved HD Smith  
Ceci Giltenan Tamara Lush RMA Spears  

"Basically, it’s [Indie Bookfest] where some of the coolest, most interesting people you will ever meet — many of whom who are self-published authors — get together to share their wisdom, party, and meet with their fans. Walking into the first panel, and hearing Jana Oliver’s inspiring introduction, you could feel the enthusiasm emanating from all around. Every face was kind, every speech encouraging. The authors holding the panels were extremely supportive and open to sharing their experiences about everything from story-plotting to marketing. This was a very special event, and I can’t wait to go back in 2016! " - Corinne, Bookish Adventures/Reader

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